Q&A Tom Dadswell

Hi Tom, since your band seems to be growing locally and has lots of arranged events coming up, we thought it would be a good time to talk to you and find out a bit more. First off, why did you all decide to name the band ‘Shoot The Messenger’? Yeah we have a few … Continue reading Q&A Tom Dadswell


Q&A: Kordula

Sophie: Hi Zoe. It is lovely to meet you. How are you today? Zoe: Same to you. I am extremely tired (laughs). I have had about two hours of sleep last night as I was up until the early hours writing songs for my band’s new album but apart from the lack of sleep I’m … Continue reading Q&A: Kordula

Orphan Boy have their say on the Oxjam controversy

After one month of constant voting, the moment had finally arrived. Midnight on November 30, 2015. The polling was over and the four members of Orphan Boy had gone to bed, ready to teach at school, and work in shops in the morning. They had gained the most votes the Oxjam competition, 3419, and were … Continue reading Orphan Boy have their say on the Oxjam controversy

Q&A: Barney Packer

Where are you from? Guildford, Surrey. What was it like growing up there? It was very smooth, there is nice schools, all the people are really nice and all my mates from back there are top blokes. Nothing really cropped up from my time back there that was a big impact. I just can’t really … Continue reading Q&A: Barney Packer