Q&A Tom Dadswell

Hi Tom, since your band seems to be growing locally and has lots of arranged events coming up, we thought it would be a good time to talk to you and find out a bit more. First off, why did you all decide to name the band ‘Shoot The Messenger’?

Yeah we have a few exciting things coming up which is good, so probably a good time to get the bands name out there a bit more! We decided on shoot the messenger because we thought it was ironic as its normally don’t shoot the messenger, I would love to say it was something more exciting than that but it wasn’t haha!

What time of music does the band usually play?

We focus our covers and originals around the Indie/Rock genre as this is what we all like

How many people are in it?

There’s 3 of us

How do you know the people in your band?

We have known each other for years from school and college

What part do you play in the band?

I play the drums


Where are you from?

Surrey, but I go to university now in Lincoln

How long has the band been around?

I would say it properly started around the first year of college, so about 3 years ago now

Why did you form the band?

I just love playing music so much, we just all decided to bring our love for music together and make a hobby out of it

Where have you played?

We usually play in local pubs back at home however we did play a gig at an event in a big venue near us which was pretty cool. We have done some paid work for parties for our friends and others around Surrey, (40th Birthday, friends 18th, couples 50th). We also competed in battle of the bands at the local theatre, we didn’t win though haha!

Where do you want to play?

As ambitious as it is, Wembley Arena would be pretty cool.

Best place you’ve played?

My friends 18th, there was a really good atmosphere because all of friends were there and it was fun to play for them.

Do you earn money?

Sometimes when we get hired, but a lot of the time at the moment its for fun to get our name out there a bit


I have always loved Indie and Rock music and love finding new and undiscovered bands to listen to. I also listen to a lot of old school and famous bands that have inspired me over the years such as the Arctic Monkeys, the Black Keys and Foo Fighters.

Do you write your own music? 

Yeah, we all write it together as a band

Favourite band?

Foo Fighters because I saw them at Reading in 2012 and it was the best set I have ever seen at a festival or concert

Favourite genre of music?

Old school rock and indie


In your opinion, who is the best band of all time?

The Beatles, obviously!

 Do you ever go to festivals?

Yeah, I like them because they have a good atmosphere and good music, I like camping and listening to good music with my friends and it’s in the summer which makes it better.

Favourite festival, why?

 Reading because it has the style I like but recently there are too many rap and grime artists appearing there, they are pandering to the 16 year olds and losing the rock vibe in my opinion

Do you read music magazines?

 No, but only because there isn’t one that has really interested me. I think this magazine would be good for small bands wanting to put themselves out there, such as yours

Is there anything specific you would like to see within the magazine?

 I would like a section that promotes unsigned bands, like when they are performing so more people can come along

What as the plans for the bands future?

I want to continue playing after university. Originally we wanted to all take a gap year before university to pursue music, but one of the guys dads wouldn’t let him do it so we have came to university instead haha!


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