Q&A: Kordula

Sophie: Hi Zoe. It is lovely to meet you. How are you today?

Zoe: Same to you. I am extremely tired (laughs). I have had about two hours of sleep last night as I was up until the early hours writing songs for my band’s new album but apart from the lack of sleep I’m feeling great actually. How are you doing?

S: Good thank you. You say you were up song writing. Is that how it works then do you just sit down with a pen and paper and everything just comes out?

Z: Oh, definitely not, but it really does depend on how I’m feeling. Some days I can sit up in my room and write a whole song or the lyrics to a whole song in the space of say two hours, other days I can’t even write a sentence or lyrics to form a chorus. However that day I may be shopping or having my dinner and out of the blue a feeling or an emotion or even a taste will give me inspiration for a lyric and I’m off. It’s strange because there are two songwriters in my band, myself and Russell Burrows. Although I am the main songwriter, Russ will often offer advice when he can and we often co-write a lot of our material just so that we can make our music the best it can be but we do have different writing styles. For instance, I tend to write my lyrics and then create chords on say the keyboard or the piano to create the music but Russ has always been the other way round. Russ is a musician and so the music naturally comes to him and then he will write the lyrics to finish the song off. Don’t get me wrong that’s great! I often sit watching him figure out his chords on guitar and I’m in awe of him

S: How did you meet the other two band members?

Z: We originally met at college. We all attended Access to Music in Norwich which has had quite a lot of press over the years. Many well known artists originated at the college, Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora as well as many upcoming artists that have made names for themselves in recent years like Mullally and Let’s Eat Grandma. Both of which are very close friends of all of ours. Its strange being so close to people and collaborating with them and then all of a sudden they are plumeted into the limelight and you have to watch from afar.

S: You say a lot of your friends are now making names for themselves in the music industry. How does Kordula feel about that?

Z: Its hard sometimes but we have to remember exactly where we have all come from. Of course its only natural that you feel like you arent

good enough or the kind of, why them and not us kind of mentality, but then you have to remember just how hard we all work. I know that every single person at my college works extremely hard everyday to achieve their own goals. We know that we judge our success by our own goals and we shouldnt compare ourselves to anyone else.

S: Thats a great mentality to have, do you think that everyone else at the college has that way of thinking?

Z: I think the majority do. Yes there are the minority of people who really do get demotivated by other peoples success which personally I can never understand. If local bands are signed to record labels it is always such a joyous and momentous occasion and we always make time to celebrate.

Double page image - Zoe_Piano

S: Thats great. So how does Kordula put itself into the public eye? Do you do a lot of advertising and if so, what kind?

Z: Yes. All bands need to market themselves and our tutors are great at helping with these kinds of thing. We use social media to push our material out and to create a fan base. We put all our new music on Itunes, Spotify and Apple Music and then feed it to the public through our social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

S:Do you get a lot of attention from the public then?

Z: Yes we do and we dont. We have lots of fans that come to all of our gigs and promte us on their social media a lot but we ultimately want to push our music out to as many people as possible so that we can branch out to bigger contacts and get bigger gigs and just make our way up the ladder like so. We know that word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools in this industry so no matter who the audience, the more people talking about us the better.

S: Do you gig often then?

Z: We gig as much as we can so that we can again get our music out to as many people as possible. We also do weddings, parties, dinners whereever really. Me Russ and george are all very passionate about music and so we take advantage of the opportunities.


Group Band

S: So tell us more about the band itself?

Z: So we are are a band made up of me (Zoe Able), Russell burrows (Guitairist) and George (Drummer/Guitarist) who originate from Norfolk. Our genre of music falls under Indie/Rock and we take inspiration from many well knwon indie bands for examples the Arctic Monkeys are a huge role model of ours. We have been together now for about 3 years.

S: I’d imagine you and the other band members spend a lot of time with one another. Do you ever get fustrated with one another? if so how?

Z: We spend 80% of our time with eachother so yes, we are constantly in contact but no not really. We have the odd spat or disagreement on many music related issues but we never really get angry at one another. Since the day I met the boys we have developed a sibling type of love and I see both Russ and Harry like I see my brothers. We build eachother up and we are exptremly lucky because I have known bands that turn out resenting one another. I cannot imagine that happening to us. I know that I can count on the boys to offer honest and constructive advice when it comes to my music as well as my personal life. We all work hard and communicate well with one another which is why we work well as a team. Without those two I wouldnt have a clue (laughs).

S: How has indie music had an influence on Kordula’s music? 

Z: Indie music has always been prominenet within each of our lives. My all time musical idols are the Smiths, alongside artists like the Arctic Monkeys, the Kooks and many more. Therefore I was always interested in this type of music and naturally we wanted to use this in our material and take inspiration from their particular sound. I remember as a teenager going to a Two Door Cinema Club and that was the first time I ever really discovered just how much I wanted to go into music, I rememeber just being in awe of them and their stage presense and thinking, I want other people to listen to my band and think about us like im thinking about this band.

S: Has the thought that maybe one day you will be on a stage like the Two door cinema club ever come across your mind?

Z: Of course you think about it, naturally. That is the ultimate goal, singing in front of thousands of doting fans screaming back your songs. I think that yes, it is great to strive for the best but if you are in the music industry just to be famous and well known then you are doing it for the wrong reasons. Its about passion and creativity and working hard to show people exactly what you want them to feel. Music is our life and as long as we keep our passion it doesnt matter how many times we get rejected we will always remember why we are doing it.

S: Thank you so much Zoe. Good luck in the future.

Z: Thank you very much.


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