Fleetwood Mac live in London

Fleetwood Mac thrilled their fans with a memorable performance in London whilst on their ‘Rumours of Fleetwood Mac’ tour and luckily enough I was there to see the legendary group in person.
As a fan of the band, expectations were high, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere – like most live music gigs – is what makes it that much better for all lucky enough to be there. The smell of beer hangs heavily in the air as London O2 is packed full of people eagerly awaiting the appearance of Fleetwood Mac. The bands earlier success in their careers results in much of the crowd being made up of fans from their generation, reliving their youth, listening to their favourite songs from this iconic band. The classic sounds of  ‘Go your own way’ and ‘Dreams’ flood the room as the crowd sings along without a care in the world. A fresh wave of applause comes with every song as the audience show their appreciation. There’s that classic belief that you can have a favourite band/musician and completely idolise their music. That is until it all goes wrong when you go to a live performance. The fear that your favourite band will no longer be your favourite after you hear them perform live. This theory definitely didn’t apply when it came to watching Fleetwood Mac, and I’m certain anyone who went to see them on their tour would agree. The audience commence a slow clap and cheering, encouraging the band to take to the stage. Mick Fleetwood begins their first song of the night as he starts on the drums. Stevie Nicks struts on to stage, dancing to the sound of screaming fans and clapping her hands as she gets in to position. They go on to sing ‘Everywhere’ where Christine McVie takes lead vocals, helped by her fellow band mates. The whole of the O2 on their feet as they scream the lyrics no matter how bad they may sound. Almost everyone in the room is dancing as the band show they haven’t lost their talent. Lead guitarist Lindsey   Buckingham takes centre stage for ‘Go your own way’ singing main vocals along with Stevie and Christine. Their musical talent has definitely not lessened over the years. In fact it could quite easily be debated that they are just getting better. The drum and guitar solo in the middle of ‘Go your own way’ showed they still have what it takes to put on a memorable performance as it left fans in awe as the crowd screamed and cheered them on.
This gig was one of the best I have been to as everyone sand along and took in every minute of the performance. I am sure I can speak for all there when I say that this was a night of great music and a brilliant way to celebrate their classic and iconic songs. Fleetwood Mac are a band that even people who don’t really know them will know at least one of their songs without realising its them. The popularity of their music continues to grow, no matter their age or how long they have been in the music business. This just shows what a true talent they are. The crowd cheers for more as they end their final song of the night, begging for them to stay and perform just a little longer. Even after Fleetwood Mac exit the stage the crowd continues to cheer and scream as a way of thanking them for such an incredible night of music. For anyone familiar with the size of London O2, you may just be able to imagine the atmosphere of the night as the whole place was packed with fans of this beloved rock band. For a band that have been around as long as they have and can still sell out London o2 shows the talent and popularity of Fleetwood Mac.

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